Tackle Turkey Day with Ease

Some people treat Thanksgiving like an annual marathon (for those of us that don’t actually run them), starving themselves beforehand and mentally preparing by visualizing eating all that delicious food. It’s easy to do, after all, because everything on the dinner table tastes fantastic.

This year, though, we’re hoping you follow a smarter Thanksgiving Day nutrition plan. You can still enjoy all your favorites without feeling like you need to be rolled home afterward. So without further delay, lets start game-planning for this marathon.


That’s right, breakfast. It’s easy to think skipping breakfast is the smart move because that means you can eat more later. However, that’s a trap that leads to overeating and a general feeling of hatred towards your past self. Eat a balanced breakfast on Thanksgiving morning with a carbohydrate, protein and color option. We promise you’ll feel better at the end of the day.


Thanksgiving Plate

We’ve arrived at the main event. Building a mountain on your plate may seem like a good idea, but it’s best to pace yourself. Eat slower to better gauge how full you’re getting and don’t stuff yourself. Remember, pumpkin pie is still to come, and you want to save room for that. Similar to your breakfast plate, you want 1/3 of your meal to be carbs, 1/3 to be protein, and 1/3 to be colorful veggies. If you feel comfortable, don’t get seconds. You can box that food up and eat it later!


Hydrate and Exercise

Hydration is key when eating big meals. Sometimes when the body says it’s hungry it’s really craving more fluids. Make sure you’re drinking adequate water throughout the day and during your meal. You’ll also want to get some form of exercise. Whether you hit the football field in the morning or go for a walk after dinner, make sure you’re doing something. A large meal followed by sitting on the couch is not only terrible for you, it also makes you feel terrible.

With your game-plan in place, the only thing left to do is execute. Follow this guide and you’ll be good to go Thursday and the rest of your holiday weekend.

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