More Sleep = More Effective

Professional athletes and fitness fanatics alike are constantly searching for ways to improve, sometimes trying anything and everything. Some of the best ways to improve your athletic performance are completely within your control, however, and you don’t need to try expensive or cutting edge techniques. That’s right, we’re talking about things like mental prep, nutrition, and sleep.

Sleep is perhaps the most underrated element to athletic success. Athletes like Lebron James and Roger Federer have stated they aim for 10 hours every night. Sleep not only recharges you, but it is known to help prevent diseases and injuries. Research has shown that getting less than six hours of sleep means you’re four times more likely to catch a cold. Other studies have indicated that young athletes getting inadequate sleep were more likely to become injured. That doesn’t bode well for continued success on the field of play.

Sleep is important for any athlete but particularly for middle, high school and college athletes. We recommend getting at least eight hours each night or more leading up to competitions. If you struggle to get that much each night, try taking naps during the day. Sleep improves focus, recovery and overall health. To take your game to the next level, don’t skimp on the z’s.

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