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Keep the Common Cold Away

As the weather gradually shifts from warm to cold, another type of cold becomes prevalent. It turns out, one of the easiest ways to prevent getting sick is eating the right foods. 70% of our immune system lies within our digestive system. One key to a strong immune system, then, lies in the foods we put into our bodies. Prebiotic and probiotic are important terms to keep in mind.


Prebiotic foods contain complex sugars that help fuel the probiotics. Some common foods with great prebiotics include: asparagus, onions, beans, oats, quinoa and wheat.


Probiotics help fight off any unhealthy or diseased bacteria within our digestive system. Examples of probiotics are: yogurt, cheese, pickles, miso and soy sauce.

You can certainly get both in supplements, but getting key nutrients through real food is the healthiest way to ensure overall health. Even with these foods in your diet, there is still the possibility of getting sick. If you do come down with a cold, hydration is extremely important. Other food options such as broth based soups, hot teas and honey can help when you are under the weather!


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More Sleep = More Effective

Professional athletes and fitness fanatics alike are constantly searching for ways to improve, sometimes trying anything and everything. Some of the best ways to improve your athletic performance are completely within your control, however, and you don’t need to try expensive or cutting edge techniques. That’s right, we’re talking about things like mental prep, nutrition, and sleep.

Sleep is perhaps the most underrated element to athletic success. Athletes like Lebron James and Roger Federer have stated they aim for 10 hours every night. Sleep not only recharges you, but it is known to help prevent diseases and injuries. Research has shown that getting less than six hours of sleep means you’re four times more likely to catch a cold. Other studies have indicated that young athletes getting inadequate sleep were more likely to become injured. That doesn’t bode well for continued success on the field of play.

Sleep is important for any athlete but particularly for middle, high school and college athletes. We recommend getting at least eight hours each night or more leading up to competitions. If you struggle to get that much each night, try taking naps during the day. Sleep improves focus, recovery and overall health. To take your game to the next level, don’t skimp on the z’s.

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St. Vincent Sports Performance Names Nick Inzerello Director of Sports Performance

INDIANAPOLIS (July 17, 2017) – St. Vincent Sports Performance, one of the country’s leading sports performance centers for Olympians, professional athletes and everyday athletes, has named Nick Inzerello as Director of Sports Performance.

Inzerello will lead day-to-day internal operations and help SVSP continue to provide an exceptional customer experience. He will oversee areas including rehab, sport psychology, nutrition, certified athletic trainers and high performance coaches.  

For the past 14 years, Inzerello has worked for USA Football in various roles, most recently spending more than five years as senior director of partnerships and education. During his tenure at USA Football, he served as a member of its leadership team and helped build the organization into football’s National Governing Body.

“Nick’s experiences across the sports landscape has shaped his operations portfolio,” SVSP Executive Director Ralph Reiff said. “Nick demonstrated an acumen for health care in his leadership of USA Football’s Heads Up Football program, which revolutionized American football.”

A player safety initiative developed by Inzerello, Heads Up Football has been adopted by more than 7,600 organizations impacting 1.2 million youth and high school players. The program certifies 140,000 youth and high school coaches each year.

Prior to joining USA Football, Inzerello oversaw athlete marketing for the United States Olympic Committee and worked as a member of the USOC delegation at two Olympic Games (Sydney in 2000 and Salt Lake City in 2002).

Inzerello played football at Northwest Missouri State and graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies. He received his masters of business administration from Ohio University in 2016.


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Three Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated

Summer, at long last, it here. And with it come a plethora of outdoor activities that weren’t able to be enjoyed in the winter months. One key to enjoying a safe and active summer is hydration. Our muscles are composed of roughly 75% water, and depriving them of fluids can be detrimental to performance. So whether you’re an athlete in the midst of training or someone who simply enjoys the outdoors, here are three creative tips to ensure you’re drinking enough:

Carry a Bottle With Ounces Labeled: 

A good indication of how much you should be drinking on a daily basis is to divide your body weight in half and convert that number to ounces. Seem like a lot? That’s because it is. That’s what your body needs daily to be at its best. Carrying a water bottle with the ounces labeled on the outside is an easy way to see exactly how much you’re drinking and can help you keep the proper pace.

Try Flavoring Drops and Packets: 

There are plenty of these products on the market, and most of them are extremely low in calories and sugar. Adding flavor to your water is a great way to make hydration easier, plus you can mix up flavors to ensure you never get bored with the taste.

Infuse Your Water With Fruits or Herbs: 

Adding natural ingredients to water can give it a splash of flavor. Citrus, like oranges, limes and lemons work well. You can also try cucumbers or some mint leaves to add refreshment. All of these add a healthy punch to your water and make it more enjoyable to drink.

Hydrating doesn’t have to be boring or become redundant. Add new flavors, track your intake and enjoy those summer activities with a full tank of water in your system.

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Mental Prep: Gain the Edge Before You Compete

Spending hours on the field and in the gym are certainly going to help you improve, but one of the most neglected areas of training is the mind. So before you step into the arena, spend some time preparing away from practice. Here are two areas to focus on:


“Butterflies” really do exist for everyone and are completely normal. What’s important is how you manage them. Physical strategies such as relaxation or deep breathing techniques can work, as well as mental ones like self-talk, an inner dialogue to remain positive and confident.

The way we think, feel and speak to ourselves is impactful on our performance. Be aware of your own inner dialogue and use statements that are confidence-builders.

  • “I am prepared.”
  • “I am knowledgeable.”

Avoid statements that add pressure or lead to worries about the outcome.

  • “I have to nail this!”
  • “If I don’t do well, then…”

The key to composure is to keep your thoughts focused on the present and what is within your control.


Confidence does not come from the absence of pressure or adversity, but rather knowing you have the tools to perform well despite these challenges. Your confidence level stems from a variety of sources – past performance, preparation, goal achievement, feedback from others, and self-talk.

Another chief confidence-building tool is visualization.

Just as a driver in the Indy 500 will imagine the opening laps of the race before their ignition is even fired or a quarterback imagines the routes the receiver will run before the ball is snapped, you, too, can visualize the scenarios in which you will perform.

Imagine yourself performing calmly, assuredly and successfully. What does your goal look like? Visualize yourself performing in a way that achieves it. Highlight what you did to make that happen.

Most importantly, have a plan for how you will practice and implement these skills!

Your perspective ultimately determines how you “perform.” When the pressure is on, mastering these skills will allow you to be better composed and more confident, which will set-up the success that follows.

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SVSP Hires Dustin Williams as Performance Rehabilitation Specialist

INDIANAPOLIS (March 16, 2017) – St. Vincent Sports Performance (SVSP), one of the country’s leading sports performance centers for Olympians, professional athletes and everyday athletes, today announced the hiring of Dustin Williams as performance rehabilitation specialist.

Since 2011, Williams, a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association, has served as associate athletic trainer and head athletic trainer for cross and country and track and field for the University of Arizona. Before going to Arizona, Williams spent five years as assistant athletic trainer at Brigham Young University.

“Dustin has a familiarity and a deep history with college and elite athletes which makes him a perfect fit to join the SVSP team,” SVSP Executive Director Ralph Reiff said. “He has proven himself as a highly skilled athletic trainer and has worked elbow-to-elbow with some of our current team members.”

In his new role with SVSP, Williams will travel to events around the world supporting SVSP clients such as USA Track & Field, USA Gymnastics and USA Diving. He will triage injuries, assign a plan of care, begin immediate rehabilitation programs and nurture athletes back into their field of play. He will also serve as the athletes’ advocate in communicating training matters with coaches, agents and family, while based in Sacramento, California.

Williams holds a master’s degree in exercise science from Utah State University. His wife, Jillian Camarena-Williams, is a two-time Olympian in shot put, representing Team USA at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. They have a 2-year-old daughter, Miley.

About St. Vincent Sports Performance

St. Vincent Sports Performance has supported and helped develop world-class athletes since 1987. The first and largest hospital-based program of its kind in the United States, St. Vincent Sports Performance employs over 60 athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians, certified strength and conditioning specialists, licensed sports psychologists and registered sports dietitians. Together they have trained athletes at every level from middle school, to Olympians, to the NFL and NBA, to Motorsports and NCAA athletes. Learn more at

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From Your Couch to a 5k

How to get off the couch and into running shape

Every year, people make a resolution to get healthier and work out more often, yet fall short of their goals. Luckily, our Jon Grant has a solution to go from your couch to a 5k. Before you jump on the treadmill, here are a few suggestions that will help ease your way into running.

Get the right shoes. The first, and most important step of the process, is to buy shoes that have been professionally fitted for you. The easiest way to get professionally fitted is by going to a local running specialty store.


Set goals. When setting your goals, don’t worry about your times. Instead, focus on finishing the race. Once the first race has been completed, then you can begin thinking about increasing your times.

Have the right plan. Instead of running without a program, search the internet for a “couch to 5k” plan that works for you. The plan should start easy with a walk/jog mix, but gradually see the jogging increase.


Properly cool down. When aches and pains begin, don’t be alarmed. A certain amount of aches can be expected. The best way to relieve this pain is by taking hot baths and performing stretches for the calves, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Take advantage of experts. Lastly, rely on the experts in your town that are geared toward beginners. Whether a gym or club, take advantage of their knowledge and ask questions. It is also recommended to join groups if available. Being a part of a group will not only give you a sense of accountability, but it also provides positive peer pressure.

Running can be daunting, but if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be off and running in no time.

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Travel Blog: USA Football in Florida; Part 1

Our Athletic Trainer Chad Gabbard is on the road with USA Football in Orlando, Florida. Get a behind the scenes peek at the life of an SVSP Athletic Trainer:


Sunday, January 22nd

Check in day for the SVSP crew in Orlando. After a turbulent flight, we land in Orlando. Time to get to the hotel and prepare for the Under 18 and Under 19 teams to check in. They’re here for the North American Championship.

Monday, January 23rd

Check in day starts at 9am. Dave Weikel and I have 100 athletes to check in for both teams. Today is a great day because it is reunion day!! Many players and coaches have returned from our trip to China last summer. It’s great to catch up with all of them and talk about our memories of China. After we are finished with check in, the Under 18 team has their first practice under the lights at ESPN Wide World of Sports.


Tuesday, January 24th

The day starts at 6:30am with breakfast. Taping and stretching begins at 7am. This is a great time for me to meet and interact with our athletes. It always fascinates me to hear the athletes talk about athletic training and that some of them do not have an athletic trainer at their schools back home. After morning practice, we do foam rolling, treatments, and icing before we have a little downtime before pre practice taping starts at 4pm. Our second practice of the day gives us another opportunity to get better. We get back to the hotel around 8:30pm. After a second round of treatments it’s time for the boys to head to bed.

Wednesday January 25th

Today is Hump Day! Everyone is sore and tired. The day starts again at 7am with taping and stretching in the hotel before we load the bus for practice. The coaches are doing a great job on energizing the team at practice. The afternoon is filled with activities for the teams. They are doing their Upper Deck photo shoot. In between the photo shoot we find time to do treatments and keep these boys fresh before their game on Saturday. Our second practice of the day starts at 6pm. It’s a beautiful evening! We finish again at 8pm and return to the hotel to finish treatments before it is time to get some rest.


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SVSP, EXOS to Launch New Human Performance Programs



SVSP engages EXOS to expand programs for athletes, adults, communities and companies


INDIANAPOLIS (January 12, 2017) – St. Vincent Sports Performance (SVSP) has engaged EXOS, a leader in human performance, to enhance and expand the resources of SVSP in areas such as proactive health and human performance programs, including the EXOS NFL Combine training programs. SVSP is part of Ascension, the nation’s largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system.

St. Vincent Sports Performance in association with EXOS will continue to provide individuals with training programs and nutrition services, but will expand its reach to local municipalities and companies, utilizing EXOS’ methodologies that have supported elite champions around the world, the U.S. military and leading global corporations.

As one of the premier sports performance outlets in the country, SVSP works with athletes ranging from youth to college, Olympic and professional athletes as well as everyday athletes to help them achieve their peak performance in areas ranging from training to psychology to medicine to nutrition.

“Using expertise from St. Vincent Sports Performance and EXOS, we will take the science of what we have learned from elite athletes and help everyday people take their fitness and nutrition to the next level,” St Vincent CEO Jonathan Nalli said. “This relationship helps SVSP put a continued emphasis on improving the day-to-day lives of people in our community through human performance.”

EXOS has supported the 2014 World Cup champion German national team, 93 medalists at the 2012 and 2016 summer Olympics, and Indianapolis Colts players Andrew Luck, Dwayne Allen, Ryan Kelly, Vontae Davis, Joe Haeg, T.J. Green, Antonio Morris, Robert Turbin, Akeem Ayers and Hassan Ridgeway as part of their NFL Combine program that has supported seven No. 1 overall picks, 134 first round and 675 total NFL Draft picks.

“We’re very excited to bring our proven performance system to St. Vincent Sports Performance and Indianapolis,” said Mark Verstegen, founder and president of EXOS. “St. Vincent Sports Performance has a great history of providing world-class training and nutrition services to the local population and elite athletes worldwide, and we’re proud to support their continued vision of pursuing excellence for their athletes and clients. Our goal is to strengthen SVSP’s human performance game plans to elevate people to achieve higher levels of success.”


About St. Vincent Sports Performance

St. Vincent Sports Performance has supported and helped develop world-class athletes since 1987. The first and largest hospital-based program of its kind in the United States, St. Vincent Sports Performance employs over 60 athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians, certified strength and conditioning specialists, licensed sports psychologists and registered sports dietitians. Together they have trained athletes at every level from middle school, to Olympians, to the NFL and NBA, to Motorsports and NCAA athletes. Learn more at


About EXOS

EXOS is pioneering human performance. Founded in 1999 to maximize the potential of athletes, EXOS (formerly named Athletes’ Performance) has grown to become a leader in health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military and innovative companies worldwide. EXOS designs and delivers proactive health and performance game plans that guide people to higher levels of success. With world-class partners, facilities, technologies, and specialists spanning six continents, EXOS is progressing the intelligence behind human performance wherever necessary. To learn more, visit


About Ascension

Ascension ( is a faith-based healthcare organization dedicated to transformation through innovation across the continuum of care. As the largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system, Ascension is committed to delivering compassionate, personalized care to all, with special attention to persons living in poverty and those most vulnerable. In FY2016, Ascension provided more than $1.8 billion in care of persons living in poverty and other community benefit programs. Ascension includes approximately 150,000 associates and 36,000 aligned providers. Ascension’s Healthcare Division operates 2,500 sites of care – including 141 hospitals and more than 30 senior living facilities – in 24 states and the District of Columbia, while its Solutions Division provides a variety of services and solutions including physician practice management, venture capital investing, investment management, biomedical engineering, facilities management, clinical care management, information services, risk management, and contracting through Ascension’s own group purchasing organization.


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Images of 2016

Pictures are worth thousands of words, so here are the best snapshots from 2016!





Rain or shine, we’re always open.


Our team in Shanghai, China with USA Track and Field.


The 2016 NFL Combine class has trouble posing for pictures…


Members of the Bowman Track Club train in Utah.


World class treatment right here in Indy!


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The best staff around.


Jeff, Mike and Jon enjoy the views in Rio.


The stage is set for the Big Ten Football Championship at Lucas Oil.


The Final Five.

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