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NFL Nutrition: 6000 Calorie Meal Plan

Training for the NFL is no small task, a process that requires dozens of workouts and massive amounts of food. Our NFL Combine trainees just finished their eight week program, and now it’s time to prove themselves as contenders at the next level. In order to get to this point, however, they endured 88 grueling workouts and ate 3,000-6,000 calories a day. Think you could eat 6,000 calories a day? See for yourself:


-5 scrambled eggs with 1/4 cup shredded cheese and 1 cup spinach

-3 cups oatmeal with 1 cup berries

-1 cup fruit juice

Mid-Morning Snack:

-2 slices whole wheat bread with 3 tbsp peanut butter and 2 tbsp jelly

-1 large apple

-30g protein shake


-1 large tortilla filled with 1 cup rice, 6 oz chicken, 1/2 cup beans, 1/4 cup shredded cheese, 2 cups lettuce and salsa

-1 apple

-1 banana

-12 oz water

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

-1 smoothie with 12 oz rockin refuel vanilla, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup spinach, 3 tbsp peanut butter, 2 tsp cinnamon and 1 apple sauce squeeze pouch

-10 peanut butter filled pretzels


-1 apple

-1 cup of berries

-1 cup zucchini

-3 cups brown rice

-8 oz chicken breast

-12 oz water

Midnight Snack:

-1 rockin refuel

-1 cliff bar

-4 clementines

-skinny pop (100 calorie bag)

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NFL Nutrition: What the Guys Are Learning

Breakfast at the hotel. Snack on the turf. Lunch. Recovery snack. Dinner. Night snack. This is a normal day of eating for the guys participating in the 2017 EXOS NFL Combine prep program. Each player has individual goals for their eight week stay in Indy and is committed and involved in their nutrition plan.

IMG_3223 2

“Tell me your numbers” can be heard as the guys discuss how many servings of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and veggies are recommended per meal. Snack bags for their three daily snacks are provided, and a night snack is packed for once they leave the training facility.

Before they were sent off with serving recommendations, portion sizes were taught by Lindsey Langford, MS, RD, CSSD and Anna Turner, MS, RD, CSSD, the sports dietitians that have organized the eating schedule that each player participates in. Twice a week, nutrition education meetings take place covering topics from how to build a recovery snack to how athletic performance suffers from alcohol consumption. Each guy is heavily involved in their personal nutrition plan, and every meal they make decisions to positively impact their performance on the field.


Former Michigan offensive lineman Ben Braden says the biggest change for him is just the sheer amount of food that he is eating. When you are training as long as and as hard as these athletes are, every meal is either helping facilitate recovery or helping fuel the next workout. The importance of building a balanced plate at each meal is something fellow offensive lineman Mark Spelman says has helped him maintain his energy levels throughout the long days of training. He also understands the importance of pairing what he eats with maximizing performance. Carbohydrates play a vital role in providing immediate energy for athletes, and Marian wide receiver Krishawn Hogan says his biggest take away so far is how important carbohydrates are for performance. He feels like he has more energy, even during hard training sessions, because he has incorporated more carbs into his diet.

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NFL Combine Training: Week One

As SVSP strength and conditioning coach Greg Moore would say, “you can’t rush the process”. The journey for our NFL hopefuls is now a week old, and the process has just begun.

Week one was filled with introductions, assessments, meetings and of course, workouts.

Grand Park offers space to do movement and football workouts

Grand Park offers space to do movement and football workouts


First item on the agenda: movement screens

First item on the agenda: movement screens


Our athletes will never be dehydrated

Our athletes will never be dehydrated


Recovery provided by Rockin Refuel!

Recovery provided by Rockin Refuel!


Running into week two like...

Running into week two like…

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SVSP Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Have you met our strength and conditioning staff? Our coaches have the experience and expertise to take your performance to the next level. Wherever you are in your journey, they will help you maximize your potential on the field of play. Our coaches give you the same tools and attention that professional athletes receive. What are you waiting for?

Brandon Johnson


Greg Moore


Jaime Waymouth


Emily Burgess


David Williams


Stephanie Young


Jeff Richter

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SVSP Football Alums in the League

Over the last several years, SVSP has trained dozens of former college athletes during the run-up to each spring’s NFL draft. September is here, training camps are done, and the 53-man rosters are set heading into Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season.

Since the 2011 pre-draft program, there are eight SVSP-trained athletes on active NFL rosters and four more on practice squads. Whether you’re watching the Colts, your favorite team or getting football overload with Sunday Ticket, keep your eyes peeled for SVSP athletes. It shouldn’t be too hard, there’s at least one in six games this weekend! Up first are the 2014 pre-draft program graduates.

Alex Bayer, tight end, #82 for the St.Louis Rams

Alex Blast

Shelby Harris, defensive end, #75 for the Oakland Raiders

Shelby blast

Dez Southward, safety, #41 for the Atlanta Falcons

Dez blast

Zurlon Tipton, running back, #37 for the Indianapolis Colts

Zurlon blast

Also from the 2014 class, Keith Wenning, quarterback, is on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. Josh Andrews, guard, and Colton Underwood, linebacker, play together on the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad.


Looking at the 2013 pre-draft program grads, Jack Doyle, tight end #84, plays for the Indianapolis Colts.


The 2012 class boasts Ronnie Hillman, running back #23 for the Denver Broncos and Kelvin Beachum, tackle #68, on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tackle Andrew McDonald is on the Carolina Panthers practice squad and Sean Baker, defensive back is a member of the Atlanta Falcons practice squad.


Back to 2011, Dan Fletcher, linebacker #50 plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


We wish the best of luck this season to all the athletes that trained at SVSP! Let’s go football!

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Hard Work, Visualized

SVSP NFL Combine Infographic

With the 2014 NFL Draft just three weeks away, how will Combine and Pro Day performance affect selection? NFL hopefuls often reference their tireless training and hard work, but what does all that hard work actually look like? Take a look at what one group of NFL hopefuls did over the course of a comprehensive six-week training program and how it paid off in testing.



Want to see more training? Check out Jordan Lynch (QB, Northern Illinois), Keith Wenning (QB, Ball State), Jeremy Gallon (WR, Michigan), Erik Lora (WR, Eastern Illinois) and Dez Southward (DB, Wisconsin) in action.

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Best of SVSP Football

The NFL Combine has wrapped up and Pro Days are taking place at colleges and universities around the country. Hard work, determination and knowledge will lead the athletes from the St.Vincent Sports Performance NFL Combine Training Program to their chance at an NFL roster spot.


Watch all the 2014 Combine Confessional videos to see what the athletes have been working on.




Top 4 #SVSPFootball GIFS


1. Former Northern Illinois and Heisman Finalist QB Jordan Lynch stepping back for a pass


Lynch passing

2. Former Ball State QB Keith Wenning tossing a pass




3. Shakir Bell, former Indiana State RB running routes


4. Zane Fakes, former Ball State Cardinal goes out for a pass







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Inside the SVSP Weight Room

As the NFL Combine draws near, the NFL hopefuls continue their training at St.Vincent Sports Performance. Get a front row seat to their grueling weight training workouts, and watch some of the top training moments from the week.




Top 5 SVSP NFL Combine Training Program Moments

1. Alex Bayer, tight end from Bowling Green State University practices slot routes.


Alex Bayer

2. Colton Underwood, defensive end from Illinois State goes up again offensive lineman Josh Andrews from Oregon State.

Colton Underwood

3. Defensive back Dezmen Southward from University of Wisconsin sprints through a drill with position coach Marlin Jackson.

Dezmen Southward

4. Former Michigan Wolverine Jeremy Gallon works to improve his agility.

Jeremy Gallon

5. Quarterback Keith Wenning from Ball State University throws a pass to wide receiver Erik Lora from Eastern Illinois.

 Wenning and Lora

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IndyStar Features SVSP Combine Athlete – Shakir Bell

Former Indiana State and Warren Central standout Shakir Bell is preparing his mind and body for the chance of a lifetime – to play in the NFL.


The Indianapolis Star came out to the St.Vincent Sports Performance NFL Combine Training Program practice to hear how Shakir’s training was going. Read the full IndyStar article here.


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NFL Combine Training Underway at SVSP

IMG950955A class of NFL hopefuls have made their home at St.Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis. Over the next six weeks, this group of elite college football players will participate in speed development, strength-training and position drills to get them ready for the most important tryout of their lives, the NFL Combine.


Under the watchful eyes of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches Greg Moore, CSCS and Brandon Johnson, CSCS, USAW, PES, CES, the group is lead through intense training sessions on movement patterns, running form and agility to prepare for the seven tests that they will perform at the NFL Combine or Pro Day.

Screenshot 2014-01-10 10.41.16


Registered Sports Dietitian Lindsay Langford, MS, RD, CSSD, will manage the nutritional plans for each of the athletes, fueling their bodies with foods for performance. Each athlete has a different goal, whether is it is put on lean muscle or drop weight, and nutrition plays a vital role in achieving those goals.


Licensed Athletic Trainer Jamey Gordon, DPT, LAT, CSCS, serves at the Medical Director of the Combine Training Program, overseeing the medical care and management of each athlete.


To fine tune on-field skills and help prepare them for a career in professional football, Coach Jimmy Graves of Football Performance and his team of veteran NFL players and coaches train with the athletes each day.



The 2014 class is made up of players from across the country and a wide variety of positions, including many all-conference players, team captains and a Heisman Trophy finalist.


Josh Andrews Oregon State University OL Fontana, Calif.
Alex Bayer Bowling Green State University TE Pickerington, Ohio
Shakir Bell Indiana State University RB Indianapolis, Ind.
Zane Fakes Ball State University TE Plainfield, Ind.
Jeremy Gallon University of Michigan WR Apopka, Fla.
Ryne Giddins University of South Florida DE Seffner, Fla.
Shelby Harris Illinois State University DL Milwaukee
Erik Lora Eastern Illinois University WR Miami, Fla.
Jordan Lynch Northern Illinois University QB Chicago, Ill.
Michael Philipp Oregon State University OL San Bernardino, Calif.
Alex Pierce Eastern Illinois University OL Carmel, Ind.
Charles Siddoway Mississippi State OT Eugene, Ore.
Dezmen Southward University of Wisconsin S Sunrise, Fla.
Zurlon Tipton Central Michigan University RB Detroit, Mich.
Keith Wenning Ball State University QB Coldwater, Ohio
Evan Wilson University of Illinois TE Woodstock, Ga.
Colton Underwood Illinois State University DL Washington, Ill.



Stay updated on their journey to the NFL Combine by following #SVSPFootball, along with @DefiningSports on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

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