About St.Vincent Sports Performance

Some believe that an athlete’s peak performance is limited.  Others dream of ways to push the boundaries of what each human body can achieve.

In 1987, St.Vincent Sports Performance first put this dream to the test when it created a process combining the latest advancements in human performance technology with the leading edge of sports medicine.

Today, this dream has become the science of sports performance – a science we first defined.  Every day, St.Vincent Sports Performance lives this dream by helping each athlete improve strength, agility, and speed beyond the realm of the possible.

St.Vincent Sports Performance knows no two athletes are the same.  To provide the best product available, SVSP builds a unique service experience around each client.

Our unique Elite Service PROcessSM provides a comprehensive performance program for each unique client, addressing individual specialized needs.  From the first contact with St.Vincent Sports Performance to well beyond their departure from our facilities, we provide the environment our athletes need to support and maximize their physical and mental health and performance.

Our clients represent the elite of international sports.  They compete in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, Indy 500, NCAA Division 1 competition, and more.

They’ve collected Olympic Gold Medals, Super Bowl rings, league-wide awards, and stood in the world’s stage of winner’s circles.

They’ve traveled from every corner of the country and all around the world to train with St.Vincent.  In turn, we’ve taken our services to six different continents in the name of elite competition.

Over one hundred St.Vincent Sports Performance professionals strive to fulfill one goal:  working as a team, provide the complete continuum of care to help our clients attain and exceed their goals.

Defining sports performance for our clients requires disciplines covering a vast range of the sports and health professions.  Physicians, surgeons, psychologists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, dieticians, rehabilitation specialists and many others address any and all our clients’ issues of body and mind.

Rooted in our dedication to our six core values and dedication to our profession, our business philosophy isn’t really about business – it’s about people.

We are part of the largest Catholic healthcare system in the United States, Ascension Health, with over 100,000 associates in 20 states.  Our role in the Ascension Health and St.Vincent Health systems reminds us that our service is not only about sports performance and medicine, but a “spirit of caring” for each person grounded in our core values of service, creativity, reverence, integrity, dedication and wisdom.

To us, clients are not numbers, but people with unique needs.  That’s why our philosophy focuses on the warmth of our client relationship, not simply on cold statistics.

For more information about St.Vincent Sports Performance, contact us today.  We’ll help you define your unique sports performance needs.