Making Hydration Easier

Waiting rooms, paint drying, watching the clock tick tock, drinking water. All are pretty boring, right? Well, we can’t do anything about the first three, but this video has three tips on making drinking water easier and more delicious. Check out how SVSP Sports Dietitian Lindsay Langford, MS, RD, CSSD can make hydration actually kind of fun.

When Should Athletes Work with a Sport Psychologist?

It is valuable for any athlete to work with a sport psychologist to develop a structured mental skills routine. Whether the athlete is performing well, or experiencing decreases or plateaus in their performance, a sport psychologist can provide all athletes with mental skills that can help lead to their peak level of performance. Sport psychologists also work to assist athletes in coping with outside stressors that can negatively impact their performance.

Things to look for:

  • Inconsistency in performance
  • Lack of clearly defined goals
  • Differing levels of performance in practice versus competition (not performing well under pressure)
  • Excessive nervousness prior to and/or during performances
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Difficulty controlling emotions when playing (i.e. anxiety, anger, frustration, etc.)
  • Negativity directed at oneself or others
  • Focusing on things that are not within their control (i.e. weather, the other team, etc.)
  • Lack of, or decreases in, motivation
  • Low levels of confidence

Athletes going through any of the following could benefit from working with a sport psychologist:

  • General mental health disorders: anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders
  • Conflict with coaches, parents, or teammates
  • Outside stressors (i.e. academics, social relationships, etc.)
  • Injury
  • Signs of substance use/abuse
  • Disordered eating/body image concerns
  • Sleep difficulties, changes in appetite

Lastly, it is important to answer the question, “How do I know if they are qualified to help me?” Identifying who is qualified to work with athletes is an important step in getting them the resources they need for success. Identify licensed mental health professionals in your area with a specialization in sport psychology. Mental health professionals with a counseling or clinical psychology background will be able to assist athletes experiencing a wide range of things, including both sport performance challenges and general mental health concerns.

Gordon Hayward’s Summer at SVSP

Utah Jazz SG Gordon Hayward has been training at SVSP since 2010. His role with the team is evolving into that of a creator on offense, in addition to a scorer. He worked with Basketball Performance Trainer Rob Blackwell this summer to improve his ball speed and balance. Get an inside view on his efforts in this video.

Gordon is giving away his two tickets to the Utah Jazz vs. Indiana Pacers game on Monday, November 10. Want to win them? Just sign up for our newsletter by Wednesday, November 5 at 11:59 p.m. ET right here. The winner will be contacted via email before Friday, November 7 at 5 pm ET. Only one entry per person and one winner during this contest. Good luck!

Joey Elliott is All About Service

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Service is a value so deeply instilled in Joey Elliott that he almost doesn’t recognize it until others point it out. For the past four years, he’s demonstrated that through his actions as student manager for the Roncalli High School boys basketball team – a job that requires a lot with very little reward.

Not even a tumor in his cervical spine, found the summer before his senior year, could keep him away from the team. In fact, the diagnosis brought him closer to team members and coaches as he leaned on them for support. And despite a risky surgery in Boston that kept him away from school for a month, Joey still managed to earn a 4.13 GPA that semester.

Now a freshman at Marian University in Indianapolis, Joey is continuing this trend of service by pursuing a career in nursing. He hopes to guide and support patients through tough times, just like his nurses did for him.

Cool Down for What?

Warming up is a key component to any physical activity. Most athletes know that and we’ve covered it here on multiple occasions. But don’t forget about cooling down after a practice, workout or game. SVSP Performance Specialist Jeff Richter, CSCS, USAW offers some static stretches, band stretches and foam rolls as part of a proper cool down program. Watch him demonstrate them here!


Quick Tips from our Experts

Want some great tips, but don’t have a lot of time? Follow us on Instagram at @definingsports. Here’s a sample of some of the quick “Instatips” we offer on Instagram from Sports Dietician Lindsay Langford, MS, RD, CSSD and Performance Specialist Jeff Richter, CSCS, USAW.







SVSP Football Alums in the League

Over the last several years, SVSP has trained dozens of former college athletes during the run-up to each spring’s NFL draft. September is here, training camps are done, and the 53-man rosters are set heading into Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season.

Since the 2011 pre-draft program, there are eight SVSP-trained athletes on active NFL rosters and four more on practice squads. Whether you’re watching the Colts, your favorite team or getting football overload with Sunday Ticket, keep your eyes peeled for SVSP athletes. It shouldn’t be too hard, there’s at least one in six games this weekend! Up first are the 2014 pre-draft program graduates.

Alex Bayer, tight end, #82 for the St.Louis Rams

Alex Blast

Shelby Harris, defensive end, #75 for the Oakland Raiders

Shelby blast

Dez Southward, safety, #41 for the Atlanta Falcons

Dez blast

Zurlon Tipton, running back, #37 for the Indianapolis Colts

Zurlon blast

Also from the 2014 class, Keith Wenning, quarterback, is on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. Josh Andrews, guard, and Colton Underwood, linebacker, play together on the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad.


Looking at the 2013 pre-draft program grads, Jack Doyle, tight end #84, plays for the Indianapolis Colts.


The 2012 class boasts Ronnie Hillman, running back #23 for the Denver Broncos and Kelvin Beachum, tackle #68, on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tackle Andrew McDonald is on the Carolina Panthers practice squad and Sean Baker, defensive back is a member of the Atlanta Falcons practice squad.


Back to 2011, Dan Fletcher, linebacker #50 plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


We wish the best of luck this season to all the athletes that trained at SVSP! Let’s go football!

Concussion Study Looking for Participants

As concussions continue to plague athletes, we continue to seek answers about prevention and treatment. If you are a high school athlete and have been diagnosed with a concussion in the past month, you could be an important part of a study funded by GE and the National Football League.


Researchers at IU School of Medicine are using MRI and neuropsychological assessments to investigate how brain blood flow is altered after concussion and its impact on cognitive function in order to improve future treatment of concussed athletes. In addition to an MRI brain scan, participants will complete paper and pencil assessments to test memory, attention and problem solving skills.


The study requires two visits about six weeks apart, each lasting about 6-8 hours. Participants will be compensated $200 for their time.

Participants should:

  • Be high school athletes who have had a concussion in the past month.
  • Be fluent in English.
  • Be in good physical health.
  • Have no history of neurological illness or major medical issues.
  • Have no history of psychiatric illness or substance abuse.
  • Not currently have braces or a permanent retainer.


For more details or to enroll in the study, please contact research coordinator Jessica Bailey at 317-963-7516 or

SVSP Adds Office in St.Vincent Fishers

St.Vincent Sports Performance is continuing its expansion on September 2, with the opening of a new physician office in Fishers, Ind. This new office, located within St.Vincent Fishers Hospital, will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon.


There’s also a walk-in clinic for acute or minor injuries Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. The location also has walk-in hours from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturdays through the fall to service student-athletes from middle school to college who suffer in juries during the latter part of the week and don’t want to wait until the following Monday. For more on the Saturday walk-in clinic, check out this blog story.


St.Vincent Fishers is located at 13681 Olio Road, Fishers, IN and the SVSP office is Suite 302. To make an appointment, call 317.415.5795.


SVSP’s primary locations are at 8227 Northwest Blvd #160, Indianapolis and 14455 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel. The Clay Terrace location is nearing its one year anniversary this September.

Little League Umpire Tom Sauer named July Spirit of Sport Honoree


Season after season, Tom Sauer has dedicated the majority of his life to umping Little League Baseball. Not only does he make the calls, he uses the opportunity to teach the kids about sportsmanship and teamwork, serving as a father figure to many. So much so that despite not having any children of his own, he still receives Father’s Day cards each year.

For Tom, being on that field is inspiring. It’s an outlet for when work or life gets a little too hectic. When he was diagnosed with liver cancer a couple years ago, he heeded the doctor’s advice for treatment but turned to the field to help him cope and heal mentally.

Now, thanks to his 39 years of dedication, Tom has been selected to ump the legendary 2014 Little League World Series at Williamsport. As one of 16 to be selected across the globe, it is quite the honor.

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